The Best Hair Product You’re Not Using

Matte, grunge-y hair is totally cool sometimes — but, if I'm going to be honest, I like my hair like I like my nails, which is shiny, shiny, shiny. The problem? I have fine, dry, wavy, highlighted hair, which is basically the antithesis of anything dark, smooth, and glossy (cue my teeny, tiny violin).
As a result, I need a little help in the shine department. I know you're supposed to start with shine serum, but I find that using a glossing product before styling ends up making my hair flat, and not that reflective. I initially shied away from shine sprays, convinced that they would render my carefully styled hair totally greasy and sad — and therefore resigned myself to a life of not-so-lustrous-looking locks.
Until one day, when I put on my big girl panties and actually gave the stuff a try. I spritzed a shine spray — John Frieda's version — onto my finished 'do, and lo and behold, it evenly and ever-so-lightly distributed a major dose of shine, with absolutely no greasiness.
Readers, I have seen the light, literally. Turns out, spritzing a shine product on your hair after styling is totally genius — especially if you're trying to maintain volume and/or curl in your hair — and it results in perfectly glossy, rumpled waves. I am passing on this information so that you will not make the sad hair mistakes I have made — go forth, click through, and take your pick of the best shine spray for your hair type. Trust, you will be glad you did.

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