Justin Bieber Gets Spanked By Zach Galifianakis (Read: Awkward)

Given the chance, there are many things we would ask Justin Bieber. His penchant for diaper pants befuddles us, for one. Also, his habit of sporting oversized hats — is it a comfort thing? It's not that we necessarily care about the particulars, but Bieber exists, and therefore we consume. Because, these days, it's hard to exist without being bombarded with Bieber.
Bless Zach Galifianakis for asking the Biebs everything we've been thinking. Bless the comedian for his lack of filter, and bless the Internet for hosting the gem that is Funny or Die's Between Two Ferns. Galifianakis' latest installment put Bieber in the hot seat, and you know things got awkward. Presumably, Bieber is in on the joke, as is usually the case for these things, but we have to hand it to him — he did a pretty good job of feigning sincerity. This is one of the weirder BTF episodes we've seen, especially considering the violent, unexpected spanking at the end. Oh, and the slime. So, sit back, press play, and prepare to be simultaneously amused and overwhelmed by secondhand embarrassment.

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