Sure, You Know D.C.—But Are You On MObama’s Level?

After spending more than a decade in Washington, we like to think we know our town pretty well — but this Washington Post feature on the first lady's favorite hotspots proves that Michelle Obama is giving us a run for our money. In her four and a half years in the District, Obama has eaten at more than 34 restaurants, visited 24 local schools and 25 federal agencies, and spent time in every quadrant of Washington, as well as the Maryland and Virginia 'burbs. She's already proven herself to be unlike any other first lady, from her accessible personal style to her love for social media, and the fact that she has fully embraced a life — a real, honest-to-goodness life — in D.C. only adds to her cred. (Plus, the fact that she's a fan of Good Stuff Eatery, Target, and girls' night out makes her even more of a kindred spirit.) Check out the interactive map and see if you're repping D.C. as hard as MObama is — we know we've got some catching up to do. (The Washington Post)
mobamamainPhoto: Via The Washington Post.

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