Bon Voyage! Find Out The World’s Best Adventures For Solo Travelers

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Maybe it's the changing of the seasons, maybe we're mourning the end of the summer (and endless beach trips), but we've been feeling the travel itch lately. We're certainly jealous of honeymooning couples jetting to fabulous destinations or groups of BFFs who backpack across Europe together, but there's something so exhilarating about embarking on a solo vaca. Not only do you get the chance to prove to the world that you're fiercely independent, but it's a great opportunity for some serious soul-searching as well. Putting together a life-changing adventure can be a bit daunting, but that's why we're turning to the pros at Lonely Planet.
The go-to site for all things travel just released a brand new book, Lonely Planet's 1,000 Ultimate Adventures, and it is chock full of tips for the aspiring wanderer. In addition to constant adventure inspiration, the book also picks out the world's top adventures for solo travelers — and, as it turns out, there's a lot more out there for those of us who prefer to do things without the +1. But, be warned, these are not for the faint of heart. If you'd like to stick closer to home, LP recommends hiking the John Muir Trail in California (aka the best part of Yosemite) or climbing the El Capitan mountain.
Of course, you can also kick things into high gear and enter full-on expedition mode. Some of the coolest trips that piqued our interest (and, honestly, completely terrified us) are hot air ballooning, paragliding in Colombia, mountaineering the Alps, and kayaking the Amazon. For the total pros out there, the book even suggests skiing across Antarctica. (See, we told you this wasn't for the faint of heart). Even if you're not in the mood to buy up all of REI's inventory and set off halfway across the world, we guarantee just daydreaming about these explorations will curb that cabin fever. Click here to check out the book for all the in-depth tips.

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