Who’s Your Fictional Character Birthday Twin?

BDAYbodPhoto: Courtesy of BuzzFeed.
There comes a time during the day when your brain is mushy, your caffeine high is quickly crashing, and all you want to do is promptly plop your head on your desk and nap. We don't suggest the latter, as it could come off as unprofessional, but fear not, there are but a million other pick-me-ups out there that don't come with a caffeine headache. Case in point: BuzzFeed's clever calendar of fictional birthday characters. It's a majestic interactive infographic that holds the name of your long-lost twin.
The rules are simple: click here, find your birthday, and click the tiny dot. Hiding beneath the bright dot is the answer to a question you never asked, but a vague combination of curiosity and mental exhaustion led you to.
We should mention, though, that the truth might be a letdown. This humble author gleefully clicked his yellow dot thinking his character b-day twin was someone like Jessica Rabbit, only to scoff at Garfield giving him a Burt Reynolds circa Cosmopolitan 1972 pose. Others on the news team share birthdays with a Desperate Housewife, Scott Pilgrim, Vampire Diaries hunks, and (amidst many an envious groan) Jason from Friday the 13th. Play along and tell us who you share a birthday with below!

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