The American Horror Story: Coven Trailer Is Here, Commence The Séance

There is a house in New Orleans where witches go to hone their craft. Come October 9, its doors will be open, and we'll be transfixed on our television screens as season three of American Horror Story begins to unfold. The official trailer has arrived, and unlike its previous teasers of haunting tableaus, we're getting our first glimpse at what we can really expect.
Ultraviolence featuring Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, and Angela Bassett, that's what. Taissa Farmiga returns to the series after a brief hiatus during the second season of AHS, playing a gothic Harry Potter. Come to think of it, Coven is shaping up to be a brilliant mashup of True Blood and Harry Potter, only there's no Hagrid announcing Harry's special powers. No sir — there's blood, though, and a supernatural massacre is always a solid wake-up call to one's witchy powers. Anyway, Farmiga's a muggle human-turned-witch who moves to The Big Easy to attend the school of witchcraft led by Jessica Lange. Things take an Eyes Wide Shut turn — there's voodoo, and Emma Roberts gets a backhand from Lange. Any more in the 30-second clip, and your heart might pump out of your chest.

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