Online Dating "Buzzwords" Are Very Stereotypical

datingembedIllustrated by Ly Ngo.
Yes, we've already talked extensively about how to optimize your online dating profile. But today, we spotted this little tip sheet on YourTango and just had to clue you in. The list chronicles some of the most popular "buzzwords" found on successful online dating profiles. It's so typical, you might as well just put up a stock photo, say you like long walks on the beach and discussing movies, and call it a day.
TL;DR? If you're a dude, don't brag about yourself and say, "I'm handsome." Inquiring parties will decide for themselves after viewing your profile picture. Do use words like "romantic," "great listener," "outgoing," and "I'm Ryan Gosling" (Okay, we made up that last one). For ladies, make sure to mention you do yoga, because apparently that makes you a sex goddess. And if you use the word "respect" in a sentence, like say, "I respect when a man does what he needs to fulfill his life," you're officially a dream woman. Just don't be mad if the random stranger you meet online takes certain liberties you weren't quite expecting when it comes to what qualifies as "treating you like a doormat" and what is simply "fulfilling his life." Oh, and also, don't mention that you want "chemistry and connection," because that means you're a hussy who wants to have sex on the first date — gasp!
Okay, online daters! Armed with this advice, you may go forth and find someone whose romantic interests are mainly fueled by the romantic equivalent of Google AdWords. Have the best time! (YourTango)

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