And The Chicago Food-Truck War Continues

embPhotographed by Caleb Condit.
One of the greatest things to happen to our lunch hour (or any hour, for that matter) was the food-truck sensation. From greens to pancakes to tamales, this reinvented fast-food service has never been so fun — or tasty! But according to the Chicago Tribune RedEye, the lunchtime fun is getting complicated.
Ever since the city of Chicago passed an ordinance to allow onboard cooking on food trucks, the competition has been heating up both in and outside of their small kitchens. According to the RedEye, "There's no such thing as a sign-up sheet or schedule for the city's 30 official food-truck locations (which the city said it eventually intends to increase based on popularity), and there's no association of food trucks despite efforts to organize one." That's what we call a serious food fight.
So, just what are the main issues that keep causing a stir? The Redeye explains the top five issues: shortage of desirable spots (traffic equals money, after all), no parking guarantees (you snooze, you lose), trucks exceeding the two-hour parking limit, distrust with the city (voices not being heard), and lack of organization — obviously. Seriously, can't we all just eat, drink, and be merry?
While you can support these hardworking folks by satisfying your hunger pangs, we also suggest reading the entire article on the RedEye website so you can have a better appreciation for what goes into that labor of love, otherwise known as your lunch.

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