The Twerking Fail Video Was A Jimmy Kimmel Prank!

Jimmy Kimmel is officially the master of the Internet. He has punk'd us all, and it feels good. That twerk-fail video of a regular ol' girl trying to get her dance on upside down, only to catch fire after falling into a glass table, was a prank. Caitlin Heller isn't a real lady, the twerk was premeditated, and we all bought it.
Daphne Avalon is a stuntwoman hired by Kimmel to make the video. Together, they anonymously uploaded the clip, unaware of the viral potential hidden between its 30 or so seconds. The media ate it up, calling Avalon the "girl on fire," and even going as far as to say falling into a flame is a dangerous side effect of twerking. The last time we checked, though, the most dangerous side effect of twerking was Miley Cyrus' tongue, but hey, a fire is no joke. (New York Magazine)

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