Electronic Music Festival Is Canceled After 2 Tragic Deaths

1Photo: Via The New York Times
Electronic Zoo, a three-day music festival on Randall's Island in New York, has been canceled. The decision came jointly from the Mayor's office and the event's promoters after several concertgoers suffered health problems, resulting from Molly and ecstasy use. Tragically, two attendees passed away, and at least four others were taken to area hospitals after taking the club drug.
While this cancellation is the first of its kind for music festivals (and Electronic Zoo in particular), officials have been growing more concerned about the use of MDMA at EDM shows. This summer-concert season has seen several fatal drug-related accidents, ranging from the House of Blues in Boston to The Gorge in Washington. According to a statement from New York City officials, Electronic Zoo promoters had worked with the city in advance to assure the safety of attendees, but the attempts proved too futile to warrant continuing the festivities.
Exact details surrounding the deaths of the concertgoers have not been released (presumably pending toxicology reports), but this is no doubt going to fuel discussion and debate around the now-ubiquitous drug. Whether it's Miley Cyrus' "Dancing With Molly" lyrics or Madonna's MDNA tour, Molly and ecstasy seem to be everywhere, and there's no denying the effect the drug's surge in popularity is having on younger users. While we wait for more information to surface about the Electronic Zoo tragedies, our hearts go out to the concertgoers' family and friends. (The New York Times)

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