Find Out Which Magazines Have The Most Typos

1Photo: Courtesy of Esquire
Typos. We've all mate made 'em. Yes, even the great and powerful R29 is subject to the occasional (very occasional) spelling error. Maybe we're alone in this, but we actually enjoy playing "find the typo" when we're reading everything from romance novels to the Times. And now, there's Grammarly, an "automated proofreader", which looked at the top men's and women's magazines to find out just how many typos afflict our beach reads. We gotta say, the ranking results were pretty surprising.
According to a system that judged for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, GQ nabbed the top spot, with only 0.18 mistakes per every 100 words. Woman's Day, however, was not so lucky, earning the lowest score of the bunch with a whopping 2.49 mistakes. Also rounding out the bottom of the word barrel were Muscle & Fitness, Esquire, and Redbook. Another surprise was Playboy, which landed a respectable fifth place out of 16 mags — maybe guys really are reading it for the articles. Either way, we can now console ourselves the next time we tweet out an embarrassing typo — at least it happens to all the pros, too.

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