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Cinderoncé Is The Best Beyoncé Video Ever

Stop whatever you're doing and devote the next ten minutes to what could quite possibly be the most fabulous thing you'll watch all week: Super-Bey fan Todrick Hall found a way to tell the fairy tale of Cinderella entirely through Beyoncé songs. Don't believe us? Watch "Cinderoncé," below.
You're probably thinking the video is going be some basic, low-budget, hack of a thing you'll begin watching because you're curious, but move on from two minutes in. Think again. When it comes to paying homage to Queen B, Hall's not screwing around. He pulled out all the stops. The costumes are Disney World quality, the dancing hits all the marks, and the smoke machine is levels above your casual Halloween store purchase. Using "Single Ladies" to soundtrack the ball scene is genius, but having a drag queen play the fairy godmother instructing Cinderoncé to put her "freakum dress" on? Iconic. Had we thought of this first, the final dance sequence of "Get Me Bodied" would have snuck its way in there, but that'd mean we'd possess the wit to associate Bey with Cinderella (not saying we didn't before, but hey, this is dedication). Now that we're thinking of it, though, can all fairy tales be told this way?

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