Update: J.Crew's CEO On His Breaking Bad Cameo

UPDATE: While most of America was staring, mouths agape, at Miley Cyrus' VMA performance on Sunday, J.Crew's CEO Mickey Drexler was quietly knocking his first-ever TV cameo out of the park. As a car wash customer on Breaking Bad, the fashion mogul was the self-proclaimed "only honest character on the show." For those of you who didn't catch the ep, his single line was "Ma’am, you gave me a five instead of a one." As for how it felt to see himself on the silver screen, he told WWD "I don’t know. It was over so quickly. I was on for three seconds. But it was a once in a lifetime experience and definitely fun." We, however, would love to see him back in front of the camera. (Women's Wear Daily)
As Breaking Bad nears its end, it's easy to get wrapped up in the drama of it all. Will Hank finally foil Walt? Has the mighty Heisenberg fallen? And, most importantly, what will become of dear, sweet Jesse? But, in this Sunday's upcoming episode, there'll be a whole new turn of events to focus on: guest star Mickey Drexler.
Yes, you read that right. To our collective delight, the CEO of J.Crew (as in, the mastermind behind the rise of all things prep) will be showing up in Albuquerque. It turns out that Drexler is a huge fan of the show (join the club!), so he sat down with the AMC team to discuss his fandom. They offered him a cameo right then and there, so Drexler ditched his buttoned-up look for a pair of "ill-fitting jeans" and prepped to play a customer at the White's scandal-ridden car wash. While we're sure he won't be the center of the episode, we'll still be keeping our eyes peeled for a little bit of fashion to infringe on our favorite meth moguls. (StyleCaster)

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