Bey & Jay Are NOT Buying Some Serious Chicago Real Estate

UPDATE: Apparently, Jay Z and Baddie Bey are not purchasing our beloved Regal Theatre. The owner has come forward to explain that he has never discussed selling to the couple, and that though final negotiations are in the works with another buyer, the building simply won't be scooped up by New York's finest. Sorry, Chicago, say goodbye to those dreams of a Beyoncé-only venue.
In today's installment of Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Taking Over The World, the power couple have purchased Chicago's Regal Theatre on 79th Street. Yes, the duo scooped up the theatre to the tune of $250,000 — or the price of Jay Z's other, other Benz.
Formerly owned by Edward and Bettianne Gardner, the theatre closed in 2003 after several years of profit loss. In 2008, it was purchased by a group that included Ron and Regina Evans with the hopes of reviving it as a cultural venue. (However, since then, the biggest action the theatre has seen is a party in August 2008 for Obama's presidential acceptance speech.) With Jay and Bey at the helm, we're not sure what identity the venue will take on, but since there's a stage, and since the Carters are always on point, the only question we have for right now is: Shouldn't Kanye have purchased this? (Zimbio)
bey-2Photos: Via Zimbio.

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