Owning It — Katy Perry's Killer Queen Fragrance Ad Is Out

The whole cat-themed fragrance thing Katy Perry had going on was cute, but the pop star is in full-blown reinvention mode now; the time for "cute" is over. Her next fragrance, Killer Queen, is a departure from her previous playful scents, Purr and Meow, and this new ad campaign flaunts it.
There's nothing bright and bubbly about the video. All the powdering and corset lacing seem to deglamorize the opulent royal life Lady Bey has no problem flaunting. A traditional matriarch Perry is not. Apparently, her fragrance has the ability to tap into your inner anarchist as one spray sends Perry on an anti-disestablishment tirade. She sheds her stuffy getup, throwing off the wig, and sashays through the castle (shocking the royals) before assuming her rightful position atop a throne, perfumed scepter in hand, natch.
Killer Queen represents the new, sophisticated phase of Perry's career — she wants us to "own the throne," when really, we should be watching it. (MTV)
Photo: Courtesy of Coty Beauty.

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