Is Charlie Hunnam Playing Christian Grey? The Internet Thinks So

Bret Easton Ellis may have hinted to us that he knows the identity of Christian Grey, but the rest of us mortals have been on pins and needles since the movie version was announced. We've been daydreaming about our favorite hotties stepping into the monumental role (ahem, Gosling), and now it seems the studio may be leaking its top choice.
According to Twitchfilm, the 50 Shades producers are hankering for actor Charlie Hunnam to step into Christian's shoes. Hunnam may be a bit of an unknown, but he's definitely no newbie to showbiz — you probably recognize him from Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim. Turns out, the adorable actor has already enamored fans everywhere thanks to his breakout TV role, and he's even buddied up with Guillermo del Toro (can you say street cred?). While a part of us was still hoping for a RyGos casting, we have to say — we are not mad at this latest rumor. (Twitchfilm)
oPhoto: Via Twitchfilm

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