Would You DIY Your Dry Shampoo?

By now, you've probably discovered the all-around miracle of dry shampoo — and you've also probably picked out the brand and formula that work best for your hair type and texture. However, when we came across this super-simple (and supercheap) recipe for homemade dry shampoo, we started seriously considering ditching the ready-made stuff to see if an old-school combo of baking powder and baby powder could work just as well.
To try it out, simply mix equal parts baby powder and baking powder, and massage into your scalp. After waiting a couple of minutes for the powders to absorb the oils in your hair, simply brush it through until you can't see any residue. And voila! Fake out clean strands. Tell us: Would you give this no-poo method a try? (PopSugar Beauty) diy-dry-shampoo

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