Teddycat: The Cronut Of The Animal Kingdom?

Wow, you guys. Just when you thought the Internet couldn't get any better, it goes and outdoes itself with a newly discovered mammal threatening to redefine everything you once knew about cuteness. It's called the Olinguito, it has just recently been categorized by the Smithsonian, and it is described as being a combination of a teddy bear and a house cat (Jezebel, in fact, has aptly named it the Teddycat).
Now, this little guy is not strictly cute in a kitten-ish kind of way. It has a certain menace to it. But, we like that. Why just lie down and let cuteness wash over you when you could fight for it, tooth and (weirdly-long) nail? Why swoon over some huge-eyed Disney kitty when you could work to earn the love of this wild, intrepid beast? Why just swim around in an ocean of Corgis when you could...wait, what are we talking about again? (Jezebel)
opImage: Via Jezebel.

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