Will The Future Of Bullett Mag Be Strictly Digital?

Since its inception in 2010, Bullett magazine has been churning out creative content in thick-and-juicy print editions featuring some of the most notable talent around. However, this fall the multifaceted media company will forgo their paper-and-ink edition in favor of divvying funds elsewhere. Owning partner Jack Becht said, “It’s expensive, man. We can pour that money into some of our other platforms." He continues that the actual magazine has "never really sat at the heart of our business." And though the mag has some high-profile contributors ranging from Aziz Ansari to Lake Bell to Riff Raff, it's truly EIC Idil Tabanca that's steered the glossy clicky to critical acclaim. (The site had been recognized by the National Magazine Awards with a nomination for its creative design). Luckily, they're just calling it a "break" (not a break-up) from the print world and "might" put a mag out for the winter. And knowing Tabanca and Bullett as we do, we imagine no matter what they put out next, it'll definitely be worth the wait. (WWD)

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