Esquire Weighs In On The S.F. Style Debate

mainPhotographed by Anna-Alexia Basile
People will continually be up in arms about S.F. style — either vocalizing disdain for the logo-emblazoned-hoodie uniform or praising it for its leaps of growth. And, for one Esquire writer and Bay Area native, he subscribes to the latter philosophy.
In a recent essay published on the menswear site, writer Daniel Dumas taps into the eternally complex world of fashion in S.F. Citing that while, yes, in some areas of the city (cough, the Mission) the love for bespoke denim, tailored shirts, and grooming is on the up, across town in start-up land, the love for ill-fitting pants, hoodies, and square-toed-shoes is still abundant…and seems to be actually getting worse.
Take a gander at the sartorial rundown and let us know what you think about the debate below in the comments. Is men's style in S.F. getting better or is it just as hopeless as ever? Do tell!

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