Aww: Jason Bateman & Co. Poke Cute Fun At Mumford & Sons In New Video

All of that dust Mumford & Sons must have inhaled while filming their rustic music videos in ambient-lit barns and fields of dandelions, weeds, and luscious grass must have gone to their heads! The English lads aren't even in their new music video for Babel's fifth single, "Hopeless Wanderer." They've instead suited up Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Forte in their perfectly worn button-downs, cotton vests, sand-blasted slacks, and wellies.
We've got to hand it to the band, they're as earnest with their self-deprecation as they are with their banjo playing. They know their schtick, and instead of showing off how Pinterest-ready their lives are, they're throwing it back at us. We could go into grand, exquisite detail analyzing the existential meaning of this aesthetic motive, but we forgot our handmade, twine-bound journal and pen artisanally carved from driftwood at the lake cabin this weekend. So, we'll just sit back and laugh along with the band. There is one thing we're wondering, though: Where are the cats? (Uproxx)

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