More News On The Salad-Is-Terrifying Front

new-embedPhoto: Courtesy of PACHD
Recently we wrote about the potential risks of contracting bacterial infections from bagged salad greens — notably salmonella and listeria — but recent news regarding bagged greens is enough to make us swear off salad for life — or at least our lunch this week.
According to CNN, more than one hundred Iowans and seventy-eight Nebraskans have contracted cyclospora, a parasite that is transmitted via food or drink that has come into contact with feces contaminated with the parasite. Yup, sadly, you read that right. The assumed method of delivery of this disgusting bug? A harmless, pre-washed mix of iceberg, romaine, cabbage, and carrots — the brand of which has not yet been released to the press.
Apparently, the offending bag of greens has been removed from shelves, according to Iowa's head of the food and consumer safety bureau, so shoppers can still buy (and eat) their salad. However, as the parasite can cause symptoms of diarrhea and nausea that could last anywhere from a few days to a month, we'd say that's a pretty big risk to take for lettuce. We'll be looking into other veggie options for the time being. (CNN)

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