We Present You With: The "Chicago Tribune" Home Page!

Everyone needs a good laugh during the middle of a stressful workday, but if you happened to be perusing the Chicago Tribune online earlier, you may have wondered if a seriously belated April Fool's Day was in effect. According to Gizmodo editor-in-chief Brian Barrett, this little fur ball had a whole whopping 16 minutes of fame — instead of 15 — on the Trib home page, complete with a chunk of copy that simply repeated the word "test." Hey, at least he was grammatically correct.
Whether or not there was actually a cat on the premises is for you to decide — but we kinda like the idea of good ol' Fluffy bringing a lighter side to what can otherwise be a grim read. After all, no news is good news. (Gizmodo)
newPhoto: Via Gizmodo

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