The Homeland Season 3 Trailer Will Drive You Mad

Are you in the mood to be driven completely insane by a teaser that promises to reveal details about your most favorite show, ever — from which you are suffering serious withdrawal — only to find out absolutely nothing? Then, masochists of the world, today is your day! Homeland is well aware of your suffering, and though it will certainly be alleviated when the season three premiere drops on September 29, it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
Listen to Brody and other unidentified voices chatter away on a fuzzy phone line above, but don't expect anything even approaching foreshadowing. One thing is true, though: Brody is not out of the picture. We weren't quite sure what to think when he fled the scene at the end of last season, but we're still keeping our hopes up that he'll be just as major of a player (and that our favorite on-screen romance won't peter out just yet).

Photo/Video: Courtesy of Showtime.


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