An Entirely Alcohol-Free Bar Is About To Open Up. Would You Go?

News just in: You don’t need alcohol to have fun. No, really. Sure, multiple wines tend to make family get-togethers a little more enjoyable, and unlimited Bloody Marys animate Sunday brunches no end, but alcoholic tipples aren’t the be-all and end-all of fun, agreed? Bringing that point home, an alcohol-free bar is about to open in London. But, would you go?
Redemption, set to launch as a pop-up initially at Netil 360 from July 21 (before moving to a permanent residence at Westbourne Park), aims “to offer people a fun place to go out and socialise without being tempted to drink alcohol.” The bar will replace cocktails with mocktails, and beer with healthy iced teas. There’ll also be coconut water “martinis,” “superfruit”-infused tipples, and a food menu concocted for a nutritionist's sensibility — because who needs delicious melted cheese all over their bar snacks anyway?
As socially responsible and health-friend as it does sound, we're not convinced the public will see it as the answer to winding down after a 40-hour week. That said, there will be DJs on hand and live music performances to remind you that, despite your herbal tea, you are at a bar and it is a Friday night. So, what do you think? Do you need to drink to have fun? (Evening Standard)
Photo: Via Evening Standard

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