The Most Hilarious Tweets From Last Night’s #Sharknado Event

Sure, there are lots of reasons to doubt the Internet's benefit to humanity and society, but when you're watching
on TV and simultaneously monitoring a hilarious live-Tweeting party, things look pretty rosy. Much like the Oscars, or the Grammys, or Tan Mom, talking about it is significantly more fun than watching it. So, just in case you were, for some odd reason, doing something more productive than watching ridiculous television last night, we rounded up the best for your quick and easy consumption. [Ed. Note: We do find it highly disappointing that nobody worked a Ralph Nader pun in there.]

Some of the Tweets were eerily prophetic:
Of course, there's always that guy:
Although, luckily, there was someone around to set Wil Wheaton straight:
Damon Lindelof thought he could do better, and SyFy sort of, kind of, maybe agreed:
And speaking of better, this really should have happened:
Ahem, The Dowager Countess: And your point is...?
As is often the case in the creative arts, one great idea leads to another:
All in all, it was a very topical evening:
And then, last but not least, there was Mia Farrow — who said exactly what we are all thinking:

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