The Hair Tutorial That’s Truly Out Of This World

We're constantly giving you the lowdown on the newest hair tricks and teaching you how to primp your tresses for any occasion. But, what if you're looking to do your hair someplace a little more...foreign? That's right, there's finally a tutorial for all you gals trying to tame your locks in space. Astronaut Karen Nyberg took to YouTube to show us her in-space beauty routine, and let us just say it is nothing like our morning showers here on Earth.
The lack of gravity onboard the International Space Station throws quite the wrench into soaping up, requiring the use of things like bagged water and no-rinse shampoo. We've got to give props to Nyberg, not only for being a kick-ass astronaut, but for being the most cheerful person ever who has to live without a real shower. Study up if you're planning any intergalactic vacas in the future, and make sure you're okay with that whole Cindy Lou Who look. (YouTube)

Photo: Via YouTube.

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