Grindr Users Are Looking For Marriage? Okay…

If you're a gay man or you're friends with one, you most likely know about a little app called Grindr. Some have dubbed it "The Yellow Facebook" with the irony being there are more headless, ripped torsos than actual faces, but we'll go with it. It's notoriously become the go-to gay cruising app similar to Man Hunt (which also launched their own smartphone app), helping users find their closest partner for a night. That is, until Grindr surveyed 2,000 users and found out the majority of those tiny, shirtless avatars are actually looking for love rather than a night's worth of lust.
Seventy-seven percent of those polled want to get married, 76 percent want kids, and 60 percent are romantics believing their soul mate really exists. We're pretty thrilled to see users want to find love in a seemingly hopeless, sexed-up place! Some already have, too! Four percent of those polled are already married, which seems odd, but we're not going to question their reasoning behind having a Grindr profile — they probably just want to find friends. (BuzzFeed)

Photo: Courtesy of Grindr.

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