This Girl’s Middle School Diary Entries Will Make You Laugh, Cry, Cringe

Oh, Middle School, how we do loathe thee. No matter where you come from or what you're all about, those few years tend to be a universally-difficult experience — whether you suffered at the time, or simply realized the error of your ways in retrospect. Since it often coincides with puberty, it's really the period when — though we're still very young and tender — most Americans get their first introduction to adulthood. While most of us tend to come out of it okay, the first brush with such difficult emotions (and accompanying hormones) like lust, love, depression, self-loathing, and social anxiety can be, in a word, terrible.
If you are a masochist and are looking to relive those days for some reason, then Everyone Wants Me Dead is the blog for you. Writer Lexi Borowitz (whose dad writes The New Yorker's Borowitz Report, if you're wondering where she gets her wit) was bold enough to go back through her old diaries and post the entries online, and what you see will take you back in a big way. You'll laugh, definitely. But you'll also cry as you see how a young girl dealt with some heavy issues feminism has been struggling against for decades. And you might cringe a bit, too, seeing how ridiculous preteens can be — admit it, you've been guilty of the same! (Everyone Wants Me Dead)

Image: Via Everyone Wants Me Dead.


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