The True History Of Your Favorite Alcoholic Drinks

The history of alcoholic drinks can be as blurry as some of the nights consuming them. One fellow, by the name of Jerry Thomas, claimed he was the "Father of Mixology" back in the 1800s when he created drinks like the Tom Collins and possibly the Martini (though the origin of the latter is iffy). But, much like Ray's Pizza and the Cobb salad, there are a lot of claims to the throne. Seeking to clear up our memories of such important matters, John Green of MentalFloss sheds light on the history of 26 of our most precious, well-loved, go-to bar faves.
He also haphazardly shows us the beginner's guide to mixing some of them (although you might be better off consulting a proper mixology book). Saddled between Green's sarcasm are some pretty neat facts that'll keep small talk going when you reach that awkward moment in bar conversation when you've finished talking about your job, where you live, and whether you come here often. For example, you can show off how much you know about the sangria you're drinking by informing your companions that it rose to popularity in the United States after the 1964 World's Fair. Go you!

Video: Courtesy of MentalFloss.


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