Is A White T-Shirt A Secret Aphrodisiac?

Want to know how to attract the opposite sex? Forget designer duds and fancy Champagne, the humble white T-shirt is the sure-fire method for turning heads.
A recent study has revealed that women find men 12% more attractive in a white t-shirt with the impression of a black T imprinted on it. Slightly niche fashion choice but bear with us. The T helps to emphasize shoulder breadth and trim waists. The study also tested the reaction to a T-shirt emblazoned with an upside down T and the results were, a little bizarrely, that women found the wearers exactly 12% less attractive. It hasn’t been revealed how the information from the study will be used. Our money is on a body contouring fashion range with inbuilt abs. Or maybe a workout range for the gym-shy? What are your thoughts? (The Daily Mail)
Photo: Via The Daily Mail

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