Poodle Cats Are Indeed A Real Breed According To Science

For some reason pet owners seem to have a fetish for anything poodle related, but not for poodles themselves. There's the Labradoodle, the Corgipoo, and the Goldendoodle, and now there's the Poodle Cat. If you're thinking a poodle had some sexy-time with an innocent kitty, think again. The Poodle Cat is a full-blooded feline, and the result of a genetic mutation in a breed of cats back in 1987. Out of a normal litter of five, one kitten had distinctively thicker, curlier hair. The owner gave the kitten to a professional Persian cat breeder who mated it with one of her own, and the Selkirk Rex (the Poodle Cat's scientific name) was born.
There are only four feline breeds that have curly hair, but Selkirk Rex's are the thickest and curliest. Researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna have properly identified the Selkirk as a real breed. They're the only cats that have all three types of fur — even their whiskers are curly. While some women shell out hundreds of dollars for a perm, these cats are born with them. And like a perm, they require a lot of maintenance. These kitties probably go to the salon more than your average woman. They need more than the normal amount of brushing and washing to keep their coat free from matting and grease. But who cares?! These cats are so cute we could squeal. And, according to Animal Planet, they don't come with the arrogance their K-9 namesake comes with. They're basically the cool, trendy, attractive friend who's super chill, down for anything, and not one who'd complain about having to leave Manhattan. Someone get us on the waiting list for one of these buddies stat. (Huffington Post)

Video: Courtesy of Animal Planet.

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