Yikes: Spoof Russian Tampax Ad Will Make You Queasy

Warning: You probably shouldn't watch this if you don't like over-the-top gore. It's not that it's incredibly realistic, it's just that when we're watching commercials stateside, we generally don't expect to see blood spurting and limbs flailing as a woman gets eaten by a shark (save it for your standard summer blockbuster). Call us prude, but it totally freaked us out.
This Russian promo for Movie 43 spoofs an ad for leak-proof Tampax, and let's just say it takes certain Spielberg-esque urban legends to a whole new level. Even though it is a spoof, we have to admit that it can be kind of refreshing to see an ad for "feminine hygiene products" that doesn't entirely sidestep the actual issue of menstrual blood. Usually, it's just a bunch of flowers and girls in white jeans running around. Watch if you dare!
Image/Video: Via LiveLeak.

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