Confirmed — Paul McCarthy’s White Snow Is Definitely NC-17

The creation of art provides the opportunity for people to, among other things, think, reflect, dare, and provoke. And if Park Avenue Armory's current exhibition WS has anything to say on the topic, it's that boundary-pushing contemporary artist Paul McCarthy enjoys the daring and provoking aspects most of all.
Recently published photos of White Snow, McCarthy's dark exploration of Walt Disney's Snow White in the form of a three-quarter replica of his own childhood home, reveals exactly why only those over 17 years of age are allowed to attend. In stark contrast to the stunning, colorful, 30-foot trees and oversized flowers experienced upon arrival, the 8,800-square-foot house is filled with human replicas passed out on the floor naked, excrement-stained walls, broken plates, empty bottles, and the like. We're not quite sure what to make of the exhibit yet, but we think we can safely say these Seven Dwarves aren't exactly the roommates we'd want to find ourselves sharing a house with.

Check out the entire set of unofficial photos — warning, NSFW — to decide for yourself whether this enchanted forest is one you'd like to get lost in.

Photo: Via Gothamist

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