BuzzFeed’s What We Say Vs. What We Think Video Is All Too Real

It's may be mid-week, but in New York that still means come 5 p.m., bars will be packed with business professionals, fashion people, townies, and the occasional underage intern finagling his way in. Trying to have a proper conversation at a bar is next to impossible with all that loud music, loud bros, and that loud group of girls who always manage to scream when they see each other (you know what we're talking about). Sometimes you run into your old college roommate, or a crush whose name escapes you, but you decide to make small talk anyway. Will you remember everything about them? Probably not, but you're not going to tell them that. BuzzFeed will though.
And that's exactly what they did. Two old acquaintances bump into each other at a bar, start to catch up, but twist the truth a little bit. Their thoughts pop up like subtitles, and seeing those bright, bold secrets has us cracking up not just at how funny they are, but how true they are. (BuzzFeed)

Video: Courtesy of BuzzFeed.

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