WATCH: Adam Levine Hates All Celebrity Fragrances — Except His

Adam Levine just released a promotional video for his new eponymous perfume, and it's, well, interesting. It turns out that, like the rest of America R29, he's skeptical of celebrity-endorsed products, especially whether they truly reflect the taste of said celebs. But, of course, for Adam Levine, that only applies to other fragrances. His is totally legit.
The video goes on to regale us with all the reasons why Levine is the best A-list endorser-slash-product-creator ever, while scantily-clad women frolic about, clearly reveling in the glory of smelling just like Adam Levine's dreams. There are also flashes of motorcycles, flags, and other all-American symbols that are totally representative of how we want to smell. Watch the video in all its over-the-top glory, and order your economy-sized bottle of Eau de Adam now.

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