We Are Eating More Meat Than Ever

Welcome to the age of the carnivore. Our global population has increased by 4.5 billion people in just over 60 years, and our food consumption — especially our taste for meat — has spiked. According to the Earth Policy Institute, our increased demand for food has slowed the earth's production of supplies. The Atlantic reports that our meat production has increased by a staggering 600% (?!) since 1950. That's a lot of burgers, hot dogs, and bacon-wrapped everything.
Since the animals who become meat (cows, for example) live off the land, the demand for grass and larger pastures has increased while the actual supplies have dwindled. The EPI reports that there simply isn't enough grass to keep up with the increased meat demand. The prices of the food are increasing, too. With a rippling effect, it's not just meat whose demand has upped, it's the grain family, too. Sure, there's a no-carb trend, but other animals, like chicken, live off corn, beans, and other members of the grain family. No grain, no chicken, and then no food for the dinner table.
The supply simply can't keep up with the demand. The Atlantic claims our global population is expected to increase to a whopping 9 billion people by 2050 — that may seem like eons away, but it's closer than you think. The question now is, what will become of GMOs? Will the organic industry become a luxury commodity like a Birkin bag? (The Atlantic)

Photo: Courtesy of BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com

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