Say What: Google Buys A Map App For $1.3 Billion!

There’s been quite a stir on the Silicon Valley acquisition front these days. Hot off the heels of Yahoo’s massive, $1 billion-buck Tumblr buyout, Mountain View-based Google is following suit with, yes, you guessed it — a splashy splurge as well. $1.3 billion is not chump change, people. But, this time, the buyout isn't a household name: According to Forbes, Google announced today that it would be purchasing the iOS map and navigation site Waze — spawning a resounding, “Huh, what?!” from peeps all over.
So, if you’re scratching your heads wondering what the heck Waze is, here's the scoop: With over 50 million users, the map-centric service allows you to weigh in on local traffic obstructions, accidents, and more — alerting the masses where these roadblocks occur in real time, with turn-by-turn instructions on to avoid ‘em! Okay, this sounds like a dream-worthy app, so we can see its mass draw. Does this mean sitting in mile-spanning traffic is a thing of the past? Guess we’ll have to Waze and see. (Forbes)

Photo: Via Waze

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