This Ambitious Art Project Wants To Print The Entire Internet

Can you imagine if the entire Internet were contained in a paper library? It's unfathomable. Not to mention the fact that there are far too many Xangas out there that, sadly, just don't merit the death of another tree. And yet, that is the aim of an art project in the works headed up by the legendary UbuWeb — it's called Printing The Internet, and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. The exhibit, containing as much paper as the curators can get their hands on, will run in Mexico City this summer.
And you can participate, if you're so inclined. "We just want shitloads of paper. We’re literally looking for folks to print out the entire internet. We have over 500 square meters of space to fill, with ceilings that are over 6 meters high," explains the site's Tumblr page. You can print whatever you want. Your Twitter feed, your e-mails, a million pages explaining why you love Refinery29 (just a suggestion) — you name it. Just get your submissions in by July 15th, if you can stomach the environmental awfulness of it all. (Printing The Internet)

Image: Via Printing The Internet.

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