Uh Oh: ASOS Goes Nuclear Over Radioactive Belts

Yikes. ASOS we love. Radiation scares, not so much. And yet, the latest news unites the two, with unfortunate results, as the retailer has reportedly pulled a batch of studded belts from the site after they tested positive for radioactive materials. A nipped waist and a dose of nuclear activity isn’t exactly what we go out shopping for.
Calling for a worldwide recall, Project Purple Flower, who investigated the case, reported that if worn for over 500 hours, the belts could cause harm to the wearer. Now, we can’t say we have ever actually worn a belt for anywhere near to 500 hours, but still, it all sounds very serious. The report condemned that “none of these belts are suitable for public use or possession.”
Before you go throwing out all your ASOS accessories though, hang fire. The problem arose from a supplier issue, not in the ASOS stockroom, and is considered to be a pretty common problem with manufacturing in India. (But wait, aren’t a lot of our accessories coming from India?) Not exactly happy to take it on the chin, ASOS is demanding a whopping £100,000 in recall charges — which is one heck of a lot of rupees.
Picked up on U.S. Border Control, the issue has been isolated, so you needn’t worry about your next postbox package. What we are worrying about though, is all those other accessories from any number of brands, that might be manufactured in the same place.... (Guardian)
Photo: Via The Guardian

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