Meet The Chic Twins Who Are Scenting Your World, One Boutique At A Time

We're all familiar with the sights and sounds that make our favorite brands unique, but what about smells? What if you could walk into a boutique, blindfolded, and immediately recognize where you are based on the specific fragrance notes in the air? And no, we're not talking about choking on a cloud of Eau de Abercrombie hovering outside the store at the mall. Twin sisters Dawn and Samantha Goldworm, the gorgeous and infinitely creative forces behind 12.29 — an olfactory branding company — develop custom, original scents for clients like Thakoon, Chadwick Bell, and Rodarte to use in their stores or shows.
The scents they create are anything but pedestrian or expected — for example, at Chadwick Bell's fall 2012 show, the sisters Goldworm created a scent to give “the feeling of following the scent of smoke into an opium den" based on the inspiration of "a woman who was lost in herself, overwhelmed with where she was, her emotions living around her, very manic, sophisticated, and sensual.”
We loved reading this piece about these fascinating ladies and their process — so many interesting nuggets of perfume knowledge. For instance, we learned that Dawn is actually synesthetic, "a neurological condition where one sense overflows into another," meaning that smells feel like colors for her. And, in case you're digging their looks as much as we are, the article generously details their fashion and makeup faves, too. (The Aesthete)

Photo: Courtesy of The Aesthete

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