Meet Your New Guilty Pleasure: The Japanese Noodle Dog

Noodles, good. Sandwiches, good! Snoodles? Hmm, interesting. The latest craze to hit London's street-eats scene is the noodle sandwich. Basically, you can consider the classic cheese-and-tomato sarnie a dated delicacy, as the new filler — chicken chow mein — brings us carb-on-carb action which would send any Atkins devotee flying into a tizzy.
This delicacy is called a "yakisoba pan" (literally, noodle bun), and it's as commonplace in Tokyo's grocery stores as it is in Japanese school canteens across London.
Now, the foodies are getting in on it. Bloggers and celeb chefs are testing the sarnie for themselves, with mixed results: Former Masterchef winner, Tim Anderson coins it a "ridiculous sandwich", but Brit food blogger, Helen Graves is totally sold. "Holy s***, this is delicious," in her exact words. (Evening Standard)
noodle+dog Photo: Via Evening Standard.

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