Beyoncé's New Single Is Here And It's Everything

Ladies, your new anthem has arrived in a tight, five-minute package of tribal beats and marimbas. And if you're not on your feet, shaking your hips by the end, something is wrong. Bey has teased us with snippets from her upcoming album for a couple of months now, through Pepsi and H&M commercials, and today we're finally a real taste of what to expect.
"Grown Woman" is basically the nicer, less abrasive sister to her March release "Bow Down." Beyoncé's still saying she's all that and then some, but it's all okay because it's spun over a dance beat, and everything's fine when the beat makes you move, right? Come to think of it, after listening to this track on repeat for maybe an hour, this is her follow-up to "Run The World (Girls)." Only it's the women who run this motha, now.
Photo: Courtesy of Tumblr / I Am Beyonce.

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