You’ll Never Guess What Foodie Trend The Times Just Discovered

Here at R29 we've been touting the wonders (and flavors!) of kale for some time, and one scroll through Pinterest shows that the leafy green is all the rage with foodie boards. But, leave it to The New York Times to show us a new side of a trend that the we plebians have been living with for years.
According to the Gray Lady's latest Style piece, kale salads are hot, hot, hot on the city's social circuit. Not only are hipster haunts like Freeman's and Fat Radish serving up the veggie, but it's even showing up at big-time society galas and intimate dinners. The Times waxes poetic on kale's humble rise to the top (even rich people eat it now!), interviewing the city's coolest partygoers on the value of "veggie-chic." Now, we hate to get down on the paper, but we have to wonder just what they'll "discover" next — juice cleanses? Beer growlers? (The New York Times)

Photo: Via The New York Times

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