Boy Crazy: Pretty Penny To Open A Men’s Spot Next Week!

The East Bay doesn't skimp when it comes to its expansive vintage offerings. And, one of the standout, must-hit havens in Oakland has got to be Pretty Penny: The storied College Avenue staple has been offering ladies high-quality vintage merch for seven years strong. So, we're excited to hear that Pretty Penny's owners, Sarah and Nick Dunbar, are flipping the script a bit and offering the fellas a little retail wonderland in the heart of Temescal, with forthcoming Elder & Pine.
Nestled on 40th Street (right next to the go-to java hut Subrosa), this wood-laden attire and camp focused retail spot will feature Americana-rustic knickknacks and gear. And, even though Elder & Pine slants toward the dudes, we bet gals will relish it, too (some borrowed-from-the-boys action is in order!). Elder & Pine is expected to swing open Saturday, May 18, so get those wallets ready.
Elder & Pine, 423 40th Street (at Webster Street); 510)-816-6062.

Photo: Via Elder & Pine