Durex Designed Vibrating Underwear; We Wouldn’t Expect Anything Else

The feminine-care aisle at your local convenience store could be getting a little more buzzy in the near future. Harnessing the power of the Internet, Durex teamed up with a pair of technology designers to develop the world's first wearable, tech-infused line of lingerie (finally, right?) that "transfers touch across vast distances." Fundawear (you read that right) uses a specially-designed app that allows both parties to "touch" the other by pressing on dots hovering over various body parts — you can probably guess which. Each spot on the app is connected to actuators (those little chips that vibrate in your phone) embedded within the underwear itself to replicate human touch. Durex videotaped the first live trial of its vibrating skivvies and the participants definitely seem to be enjoying themselves. Whether it's the Fundies or not is up for debate.
We have to say, the bra, panty, and men's boxer-brief aren't exactly the robot chastity belt you'd expect. "Everyone who's tried the garment on," says Billie Whitehouse, the project's fashion designer, "has said how comfortable they are, how good they feel in them. They are an attractive piece of technology." As far as sexy tech goes, we're always happy to see products that cater equally to both genders in the pleasure department. Check out the videos below to see the design process and the Fundawear in action...potentially NSFW, it goes without saying.

Photo/Video: Courtesy of Durex Australia.

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