Bespoke & Booze: Freemans Sporting Club Makes Its Tokyo Debut

For some, shopping is a chore — a means to an end of searching for the right pair of pants you'll wear to exhaustion until you need to buy your next pair. But that ain't us. And for fellas, here and across the globe, it's not them, either. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be.

With its first international location, Freemans Sporting Club has opened the doors of its retail store in the Minami-Aoyama district in Tokyo. Taavo Somer's bespoke men's style destination will not only offer custom tailoring but also a one-stop shop that's less a store and more an excuse to "pick up a new, fresh button-down" and make a whole day of it. Stocked with men's designs from the likes of Outlier, Viberg, and The Superior Labor, the new home of F.S.C. comes equipped with a café run by
, including a cocktail bar with a menu created by PDT's Jim Meehan. It's the perfect equation for a Sunday-brunch-turned-shopping-spree — a tradition that men and women alike can enjoy.

And while F.S.C. has already established themselves as such a destination in New York, making a big leap across the ocean does provide a new set of challenges, as Kent Kilroe, the managing director of F.S.C., explained. He filled us in on the opening (with more locations to follow in Tokyo over the next couple years), men's style must-haves, and what may be the secret to a successful shopping trip. Hint: Sip then spend. Jump to page two to learn more.

Photo: Courtesy of Freemans Sporting Club/Riki Bryan


What's the significance of selecting Tokyo as the home of the first F.S.C. outside of the U.S.?
"We went to Tokyo because we have a long standing business relationship with fabric mills and other vendors. We have also always received interest from Japan to wholesale the clothing or open a clothing shop. With the Urban Research and Yagi team, they were the first to want to and were able to open up all facets of Freemans Sporting Club as a lifestyle brand."

What are the differences between American menswear and Tokyo's? How will Freemans address this?
"The biggest difference is size and fit. Americans are big and broader in general. For Tokyo, we are working with them on slimming these silhouettes or fits."

What do you think are the three most important pieces in a man's wardrobe?
"A dark suit, a bespoke dress shirt, a solid pair of boots."


What's the one piece that all dudes should just do away with?
"Pointy Aladdin dress shoes."

Tell us about the cocktail program that will be featured in the store. How will this go hand in hand with the shopping experience? And, is it better to buy then booze, or the other way around?
"Jim Meehan of PDT along with the guys at Kinfolk are collaborating on the bar with us. Jim is amazing and very thoughtful with the cocktails and how they tell a story and relate to clothing and the seasons. Always better to drink and shop."


Photo: Courtesy of Freemans Sporting Club/Riki Bryan


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