Victory: Your Sad, Old Spinster Habits Now Have A Name

As you are certainly aware, What Should We Call Me is the biggest deal, ever. Not in the least bit because it is through this .GIF aggregator that we've learned to embrace things like eating pizza in bed and watching 10+ hours of Netflix in one sitting...instead of, say, going out and partying and being glamorous. These are things that would have once been thought of as "sad," but very serious scientific research now tells us that they are, in fact, "happy." Call it the new spinsterhood. Call it Liz Lemon syndrome. Or, now, call it by its catchy new name: SWUG.
It stands for Senior Washed Up Girl and refers to women in their last year of college who've decided not give a monkey's behind about being a part of the "scene." And though it was specifically invented for Yale upperclass women, we think it's fully applicable to everyday post-grad life. It involves a lot of couch wine and, presumably, night cheese. And, according to a self-identified SWUG, it supposedly makes you a "more complex person."
Look, we're not going to mix up the haterade just yet, though Maggie Lange is probably right that there's a vaguely cringe-worthy, attention-seeking aspect that's particularly characteristic of — or at least, particularly visible when applied to — a certain generation. And we don't love the idea that women are "washed up" if they're not into dressing up and running themselves through the "meat grinder" (as one male student so wisely put it) at campus parties or nightclubs. But hey, if privileged Yale people want to come up with terms to describe every minute detail of their lives, that's fine. That's what the Internet is for, after all. That's why memes were made. It's kind of obnoxious, it's kind of funny, and it's certainly a life phase we can all relate to (especially with the recent publishing of this listicle).
All we're saying is this: TL;DR, can somebody please just order Pinkberry already?

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.

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