Leave Your Hoodie At The (Gallery) Door: Why Tech And Art Don’t Mix


You would think that in our creative-gadget times, collaborations between art and tech would be aplenty. Sadly, as a recent
New York Times
article points out, these two worlds are facing somewhat of a cold standoff — a disconnect that poses a slew of issues when it comes to supporting and sustaining beloved art establishments.

While the feature focuses on the newly emerging tech scene in New York City, and the proximity of Google, Vimeo, and Ask.com to Chelsea's “gallerinas,” the question of techies' seeming disinterest in the creative world is one of widespread curiosity.
Some obvious explanations laid out in the article: Tech's frontrunners are young, busy, and more likely schooled in engineering than art history. Perhaps most interesting are the testimonials by various Silicon Valley power players, who expound on the art world's exclusivity. As Jonah Peretti, a founder of BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post, claims, “Even if you have money, it doesn’t mean you’re a part of the club.” In the hoodie-clad culture of startups, transparency and openness reign supreme — which is perhaps why the hierarchical art-world structure appears inconvenient, if not totally daunting.
Here's to hoping that accessibility still tops the list of concerns within any community. Because, whether you’re Mark Zuckerberg or Joe Schmoe, it should never feel too late to get immersed in art. (NY Times)

Photo: Via SFMOMA