Things We Hope Are False: Alleged Zara “Sweatshop” Conditions

With Zara's recent efforts to improve the quality of their products and make strides in being a more conscious company, the latest news about one of our favorite fast fashion retailers comes as an enormous shock. According to Telegraph UK, an investigation of a South American factory that may be producing Zara products has revealed "slave labor" working conditions.
La Alameda, a worker's rights group, had caught wind of the Buenos Aires factory conditions that would turn anyone's stomach — namely 13-hour work days and "sweatshop" conditions for adults and children — and in response, the workplace was raided by Argentinian officials. Sadly, as reported by Telegraph, the findings included employees living within the factory space and working six-day weeks while denied their right to breaks.
Zara officials did respond saying that "the workshops in question do not appear to have any relationship with our approved suppliers in Argentina," and agreed to further investigations of their properties. Whether it's connected to Zara or not (and we're really hoping not), this factory and any workplace of the like deserves our immediate attention, outrage, and demand to change. (Telegraph U.K.)

Photo: Courtesy of Zara

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